A dance and music genre originated in Puerto Rico. Historical research suggests that it was first created by plantation slaves and workers in the 1800s. Bomba resembles many other neo-African dance/music styles with its call and response singing and squat drums. It is very traditional and popular in Puerto Rico, especially in the more rural areas and the smaller or less urban municipalities such as Loíza.
John: Wow, look at how those ladies dance! I've never seen it before!
Carlos: Yes, it's called Bomba, a traditional Afro-Puerto Rican dance. Do you like it?
John: It's very exotic. I love it!
by la sinvergüenza August 08, 2013
Top Definition
anything that is good, great, amazing
Drinking during the day is bomba
by Evyn March 07, 2006
An american automobile pre-1954, usually of round or curvy bodystyle. A bomba is usually refered to as a lowrider. bomba is spanish for bomb, like the ones found in old cartoons, sphere bomb.
Look at them homeboys hitting the switches on that 39' bomba.
by sdcustoms November 20, 2005
Brazilian Portuguese word for steroids
Marcelo said he can get me da bomba
by Eckersley June 14, 2016
A girl is really hot, like shit damn look at that Bomba. A very attractive women
Helena is a real Bomba.
by malajeBomba February 26, 2008
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