a word used to describe something ridiculously awesome.
That was bombass
by bedgasm June 08, 2009
Top Definition
To be extremely good or cool, amost at a godly level of cool.
1.(verb) Damn, this shit is bombass
2.(noun) Thats a bombass album
by Carson March 01, 2004
Has nothing to do with bomb or ass, but has everything to do with being cool or fun.
Mmmmmm, Burger King has some bomb ass onion rings!
by Lithium October 07, 2003
1)the pimp shiznit...2)tight,sick,awesome,cool...3)to have a fine ass. Donkey's are after all, hot shit. 4)Exciting, enthralling,visually stimulating.
1)That car is bombass! 2)That is the most bombass song I've ever heard. 3)Damn, bitch, you gotta BOMBass. 4)Why how bombass that news report was.
by KEGGA March 20, 2003
to be extremly awesome or god like. the highest standard out there.
Damn that girl's got some bomb ass titties.
by Switzahhh February 22, 2007
Meaning something good or nice; IEcool,phat,dope ect.....
Smoke some bomb ass weed feelin' crucial- Ambitionz az a ridah

by AC February 22, 2004
To describe something that is better than or same as awesome.
Guy 1: "Those were some bomb ass pancakes".

Guy 1:"Oh did you see that show last night?"

Guy 2: "Yes, that was a bomb ass episode!"
by stone666 February 05, 2009
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