when someone cums in a woman's ass after eating them out on their period and then taking a shallow straw and sucking the cum, shit and blood out of their ass. this can then either be shared (like snowballing) or swallowed on it own. Meant to taste like hamster.
I gave Sarah a dirty bom bom last night. She loved it. She cried while sucking back the tears.
by George Nelson February 12, 2005
Top Definition
In Brazil, Bom Bom is refered to the rear end of a girl.
She has a nice Bom Bom.
by elmangrullo June 03, 2009
Said to someone who u believe is telling a lie.
Bob ''I won the champions league with TNS on footy man''
Nick ''ooh bom bom''
by rob hirons November 12, 2007
Used to describe something or someone who is rubbish/useless at what they do
Bob ''Did u see that joker that was playin for Liverpool last nite''
Hold '' I no, Voronin is bom bom''
by rob hirons November 12, 2007
A female having a nice big ass and huge titties.
Hoe wuz so fly, tha trick was bombom!
by Rollin May 17, 2004
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