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A Bolthead is a person who tends to be a bit of a chav, but Bolthead was coined long before chav was in common use.I first heard the term ''Bolthead'' in 1979, in Kingston upon Thames, UK, in these circumstances- i was short of my busfare, and so was my friend, and he said, ''don't worry, put yer best Bolthead voice on, and ask for a child ticket'' we were teens- he said boltheads were rough or ''common'' types, that have little culture, the sort one now sees on programmes such as ''Jeremy Kyle''
Avoid Broadmead on a Saturday, it's full of boltheads and their bolthead kids, clogging up the shops with their buggies strollers.

There is a Match on today, so the streets will be packed with boltheads.
by Oldoaktree March 30, 2011