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The left-wing majority group of the Russian Social Democratic Workers' Party that adopted Lenin's theses on party organization in 1903.
The word Bolshevik, an emotionally charged term in English, is derived from an ordinary word in Russian, bol'she, "bigger, more," the comparative form of bol'sho, "big." The plural form Bol'sheviki was the name given to the majority faction at the Second Congress of the Russian Social Democratic Workers' Party in 1903 (the term is first recorded in English in 1907). The smaller faction was known as Men'sheviki, from men'she, "less, smaller," the comparative of maly, "little, few." The Bol'sheviki, who sided with Lenin in the split that followed the Congress, subsequently became the Russian Communist Party. In 1952 the word Bol'shevik was dropped as an official term in the Soviet Union, but it had long since passed into other languages, including English.
by Dancing with Fire September 07, 2012
The Marxist party that came into power in Russia via a revolution in 1917. Ruled russia until 1991 when the USSR was disbanded and formed the CIS nations. The Bolsheviks wore red as a symbol for extreme leftism, and hence, everything they did was called a red action
You bloshevik, you shared my cat among my children by cutting it up. Bastard...
by Gumba Gumba March 15, 2004
Shorter word for bullshit or shit
Son of a Bolsheviks
by Bolsheviks May 05, 2015
1. substitute word used in place of "bull shit" so you wont get in trouble with teachers.

2. bullshit or shit

Pronounce the syllable "bol" like "bull" to give more flavor
"You piece of bolshevik"
by jack February 09, 2004
A Zionist/Jew that was responsible for the death of 66 million Russians and the starvation of around 6-7 million Ukrainians, in the communist era.

About 1.6% of Jews inhabited Russia in 1932 and around 50% of them were the social/communist leaders of the time, Bolshevik and Stalin were the real holocaust reaper machines that spread endless victory of propaganda, but since Bolshevik was a Zionist(jew) it is reported but not in one history book of his malice doings and what is believed as one of the greatest acts of genocide in the history of mankind!!

But then again History is written by the victors, eh..
Sheeple Guy:Hey did you hear about what Hitler did to the Jews and the Holocaust?

bolshevik Guy: Did you hear about what the holodomor and the communist Jews?
by Gorgeispriga December 06, 2012
Word that makes Dr. Larson go into uncontrollable convulsions and spasms of sheer excitement.
by January 07, 2005
A verb meaning to take over like the Bolsheviks did in Russia. Can also be used sporadically.
I'm gonna bolshevik you!
by Lily<3 May 22, 2006
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