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The act of taking a penis, and putting it between (sandwhiching) the lip's of one's vagina, or butt. Usally done with period blood as ketchup, or cum as mayo, in between it all
"I totally got a bologna sandwich last night!"
by Speaker. November 23, 2011
When one defecates upon a lateral surface and masturbates atop said defecation with one's semen. Henceforth: bologna sandwich.
The robber left a bologna sandwich on my grandma's bed.
by ohmyghattos November 23, 2008
A sexual act involving spreading someones ass cheeks and then giving their butthole a "raspberry" or "zurbert".
Last night, after she licked my taint, she gave me a bologna sandwich. It was amazing!
by Axeslinger80 February 08, 2010