A word used to describe Chavs that get in the way, noting the uncanny similarities between a chav and a bollard.
"did you see that?! that bollard just got right in my way"
by amyloulou January 16, 2008
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A thick post on a ship or wharf AKA dock or pier, used for securing ropes and hawsers..
To tie down the ship you put the rope around the Bollard.
I`m about to cast off take the rope off the Bollard.
by Oni16 April 20, 2006
Eating more than you're own body weight in cakes and buns within the course of a day.
I'm so hungover I could do a bollard
by Chicken Sticks August 22, 2003
Term used by the English meaning "balls."
"You can suck my bollards you American son of a b*$#&!
by NAS March 06, 2004

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