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A stick of flavored, colored ice that comes in a variety of flavors such as grape, banana, pineapple, etc. It's packaged in a plastic sleeve. Very popular in Mexico (at least the northern parts of it).
Pedro: Hey man, what's that you're munching on?
Alejandro: It's a boli, man. A boli.
Pedro: Can I have some?
Alejandro: No.
by sir_louis_atwood August 04, 2008
A Boli is a very hot girl, whom you would like to slam out.

Originated in the town of Franklin Square, Long Island, New York
Vinny: Yo Frankie did you just see that ass on that girl.

Frankie: What a boli.
by Joey Bag o' Donuts October 21, 2013
Pronounced "Bowl-ee" Boli is slang used for confirming you agree with something someone else is saying, ie someone being 'dead right' or 'on point'. Originated from Hyperbole being an exaggeration, thus 'bole' being the norm.

Use 1:Mostly used to show your agreement.
Use 2:Can be also used to describe something really good
Use 1:

Guy1:"She's alright, I reckon she's about an eight"

Guy2: "Boli", or "Boli as"

Use2: (eg describing surf) Sick, those waves look boli as..
by Makomark December 16, 2009
Spanish, oral sex. Based on the fact that eating a "bolis" (Mexican frozen treat), looks like fellatio.
If a girl with nice lips, in Mexico, walks by, one screams, "Bolis!"
"She'd be nice for a bolis."
by Jorge September 09, 2003
The plural for "bollocks" (which, in turn, is the plural for bollock).

To be boli, a thing must be absolute and total bollocks. Immeasurable in it's bollock-ness.
Dave's drinking sheet was absolute boli!
by Master Chief August 12, 2003
acronym for "Burst Out Laughing In Street"

it refers to that text/bbm/tweet/message you get and unexpectedly hits the funniest/most shocking bone in your body...and you just burst out laughing in the street...
test convo
Tidah: I'm gonna be ghost for a while, dont hit me up
DonCon: What?! are you going to a nunnery?
Tidah: No! i gotta get my school stuff together
DonCon: Great, because that coochie was being wasted anyway. Might as well blame it on religion.
Tidah: BOLIS! I'm done with u...
by Tidah November 12, 2010
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