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The most badass, awesome, tough, scary, insane, jealous, great, moody, loud, non-sensitive, sexually hungry beast.

He is very caring for those close to him, but say one word to him and he will kick your ass.


Don't mess with this mother fucker.
Don't fuck with him, man. He'll pull a Boles on you!
by Awesome63 September 08, 2010
When a black mole appears on your back.
That wierd chinese kid named Christian had a bole on his back so therefore he had no friends.
by ATL69 May 24, 2010
Albanian word for balls.
What, bole? Well that's balls in Albanian.
by thelittlebigone April 22, 2011
slang for using steroids
do you bole?
by Jacob TizZEmand December 01, 2003
a glass pipe used for smoking weed
Do you want to smoke a bole?
by uptonunderground February 01, 2009
the trunk of a tree, in otherwords my dick
That's one big bole
by Alexius November 06, 2003
What you call someone when they're being a moron and needs to be said in a mexican accent.
"HEY! Watch it Boles!"
"Yo Boles, get outta my way!"
by MikeMags October 12, 2005
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