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A motivational, inspiring, moving, beautiful, divine, steamy line that can be used in any situation.

Literate meaning : Can 'bah' if you

Where 'bah' is a Malaysian and Singaporean slang.
Bah is usually used to insist something.

Almost 100% guaranteed to get you laid, when used properly.

Its is a complex sentence that psychologically manipulates your/others' decisions.

Boleh bah kalau saya.
where 'saya' means me in malay.
A : You're hot, lets hit this place and go back to my place, babe.
B : Boleh bah kalau kau
A : can i borrow your eraser?
B : Boleh bah kalau kau
A : hey, you're so sexy. lets get out of here.
B : err no.
A : oh come on, boleh bah kalau saya.
B : err ok.
by Kadazandusunchick August 06, 2011