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1) Derogatory term used to describe a whiny person or instigating prick.

2) Term used to sum up the existence of an annoying asshole, obnoxious cocksucker, or total dickhead.

3) Type of Blumpkin or Blumkin known as a "Boldus RumpleBlumkin".

4) A mentally retarded transsexual that suffers from severe emotional and psychological issues that enjoys masturbating to shemale porn.

5) Expression used to describe a pre-op transsexual that enjoys giving rimjobs to other homosexuals and shemales by sucking the sperm loads out of their assholes with a straw after an all night homosexual gang bang.
Example: That Boldus came to work straight from that shemale gangbang with cum still dripping off his chin.

Example: That annoying Boldus better get an AIDS test after drinking all that cum out of those shemale assholes.
by CBoldus November 20, 2011
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