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The religion made up by a negro man named Bokonon. It is a fictional religion used in the classic Kurt Vonnegut novel "Cat's Cradle" published in 1963. It is a religion that claims to all be lies, but is still popular in the fictional Caribbean Island "The Republic of San Lorenzo."
"All the true things I am about to tell you are all shameless lies," is a classic quote that defines the views of Bokonism.
by Mr. Mojo Risin' August 04, 2006
A religion made up by the Negro Lionel Boyd Johnson,pronounced "Bokon" in the dialect of San Lorenzo. Bokonism is advertised as founded on lies, but its basic idea is as follows: The human race is made up of groups of people who interact and affect one another, known as a karass. These karass are used by god as instruments to affect the state of the earth. This religion was created by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. in his book Cat's Cradle.
Bokonism is a religion.
by anonymous123nonymousa May 30, 2007
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