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The best high school in Boise, ID. Known for their "work hard, play hard" mentality.
I go to Boise High School... I'm acing my four AP classes yet I'm high the whole time.
by kdjhfkjsfdkjfds September 14, 2011
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Boise High is the coolest most beat school in all of Idaho. We're the smartest kids in the state and can not be defeated in academics. Sometimes our sports dont do as well as academics. the football team sucks. but other than that, they kick major ass. Rivals include Borah, timberline and capital!
"holy shit that girl is hot, she must go to Boise High School!"
"that kid is so smart, he must go to Boise High School!"
by intelligent asshole November 07, 2011
Boise High is the epitome of great high schools. Timberline, Centennial, Borah, Meridian, Capital and Eagle can all suck it. Boise High School is home to some of the most origional people you will ever meet. The kids going in and out of its doors will make history. Home of the Braves...and winners.

Douche Bags Not Welcome.
Man, I wish i went to Boise High School..

That chick is so hot, she must go to Boise High School..

damn, that guy is fine..he must go to Bosie High School
by Class_of-_2013 June 01, 2011

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