Synonymous with "to burn", used only when implying the use of marijuana.
Who wants wants to "boin" (some sweet nuggets)?
by Midnight Tokers April 09, 2006
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Japanese slang term that means big breasts.
1. Hi Boin-chan
What did you just call me?
by SoHumHallelujah April 21, 2009
n. Large breasts. A Japanese slang term adapted from a transliteration of the term "boing" which, as we all know, is what good breasts do.
Dave: So much ii boin here at this anime convention, amirite Steve?

Steve: The only "boin" I see is attached to fat dudes, you blind weeaboo. Get some damn megane already.
by Estrella Muerta October 18, 2008
-verb (used with or without object) to engage in the act of sexual intercourse or the conglomeration of two separate genitals. Commonly used to replace the f word so children who shouldnt be hearing the f word due to their young/virgin ears wont be corrupted. Usually spoken by realists.
Ex1: Danny, are u going to boin the "silly rabbit" tonight or not because if you need a ride to her house I will be off work at Bravo at 7.
by verbatim4ever March 30, 2010
to land on
Jordan: 1, 2 3, 4, and 5,
Awe shit, I landed on your boin.
Now what?

Breyanna: Who won the race?

Jordan: I dunno

*gives jordan a charlie horse*
by breyanna and jordan =) July 10, 2008

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