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Bohemian Buttfucker is a rare mixed drink which combines equal parts of Bohemian Highway Wine, Jägermeister, Captain Morgan Rum, and Coca-Cola.

The rules are that this mix can only be consumed from a measuring cup or a water gun for sharing purposes.

The "Buttfucker" portion of the name is based on the fact that it metaphorically feels as if the drink has "fucked you in the butt" by the next morning.
That Bohemian Buttfucker really fucked me in the butt last night.
by bohemianbf June 22, 2011
A person who never fails to act like an ass and get on your last nerve.
"John is always tyrin to holler at my score, He's such a bohemian butt fucker."
by J_Wizzo March 29, 2006
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