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1. where one does a poo on the shaft of anothers cock
2. after doing a poo, one wipes there cock in the crack, leaving a smear of poo on the penis
3. where one poo's on anothers cock then gives a headjob

When Jenny Bogcocked Me, It Really Got My Motor Racing!
by Paigelovesboggin July 10, 2008
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Bog Cock Is When You Are So Sweaty, Your Genitals Get Stuck To Your Leg, This Is Like Swamp Ass But It's On Your Front!
Frank : Oh My God Its So Sweaty Today

Dave : I Know I Think I've Got Bog Cock

Frank : Dude, Ive Totally Got Swamp Ass!
by Adrian Shipley August 01, 2006
16 5