A lake in Finland where 3 kids got killed in 1960. An unknown murderer stabbed them while they were in their tent! The band Children of Bodom got their name and inspiration for many of their songs from the murders.
CoB are among the greatest bands ever, check them out!
by Whatever August 11, 2004
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A lake in Finland where four campers decided to camp at. Late that night, an unknown killer attacked the tent by collapsing it and stabbing downward multiple times, injuring one and mutilating the other three. The badass Black/Power metal band Children of Bodom was named after this lake. And no, to the dumbass at the bottom, BODOM WAS NOT A KILLER. BODOM WAS A LAKE. The killer is unknown.
Children of Bodom are amazing.
by Will July 12, 2004
The lake Bodom was the scene of a multiple murder on the 5th of June 1960 which is still not solved.

straight from tartareandesire.com
there where many people killed at lake bodom in 1960
by Ruger March 29, 2004
This is a lake in Finland where 3 campers were killed and a 4th one injured severly. The sole survivor has been in a psychiatric institute for these last 45 years (1960). The investigation was recently reopened and they found out that the fourth camper was acctaully the murderer. He may not be charged seeing how he is unfit to stand trial and has been technically incarserated for 44 years already.
The band Children of Bodom got their name simply from the lake. It's not the killer just the lake.
by Kory January 23, 2005
Children of Bodom were named in reference to one of the most notorious mass-murders in Scandinavian history.
thats all i know about the word bodom yeah thanx to allmusic.com for the little bit of info.
by fuzzy November 22, 2003
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