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1)to bust into someone's room uninvited and unwanted
2)sleeping in calculus
3)to get yelled at in philosophy
1)I can't wait until I bodle into Chris and Anthony's room later and steal some of Cancer's food.
2)Man, I was so tired during Calc, so I Bodled.
3)It was unfortunate that Mr. Rudar had to call me out into the hallway just to bodle me.
by Your Pal Anthony October 10, 2006
also known as christian baugh or a dirty gay
christian baugh is a dirty bodle
by paget September 28, 2006
An old dude with a huge cock. Usually looks like a loser but really wins.
Friend: look at that old loser, he could die any second.
Me: no way dude that's a bodle!!!
by Cali_1998 December 30, 2015

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