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a friend or colleague who is going downhill very fast
She used to be hot stuff, but now she's a real Bodie.
by FrostyFreeze June 10, 2006
a man that has ill swagger and knows his way with the ladies. he is not afraid to break the rules
Chelsea: Damn! That guy is lookin fine!

Kelly: He's Definitely a Bodie!
by nonamegirl August 05, 2009
A word used to describe something that goes beyond dirty.
Man, that plate hasn't been washed for months, it's looking pretty BODIE
by Commerce 5.21 November 21, 2012
A white girl only dates black guys
Yo have you ever seen Becky hook up with a white guy?

Nah brah, she's a total bodie.
by The_Stork April 20, 2010
A very hairy jew that has very witty comebacks and remarks about anything and everything
Wow, with hair and comebacks like that, he has to be a Bodie
by Will Duram May 04, 2007