1. Scoreboard, as in you or your team kicked the crud out of an opponent.

2. Getting the best of someone in a flame war on the internet.
When your team is winning and an away fan is being obnoxious, just point to the Scoreboard and say... "BODE!".

When in a flame war, even if you are completely flailing, just claim "BODE!" and declare yourself winner.
by Miss Conduct June 22, 2006
Acceptable, good, like cool.
Yo, my girl is totally bode today, I mean, look at her clothes!
by Andria December 19, 2005
English Speech: Adverb;
Definition: Unsuccesful
To do something poorly, to suck at something, to perform at less than your generally accepted norm, screw the pooch, etc.

badly, crudely, defectively, inadequately, incompetently, inexpertly, inferiorly, insufficiently, shabbily, unsuccessfully, clumsily, disgracefully, disreputably, dreadfully, inadequately, incompletely, poorly, reprehensibly, shoddily, unforgivably, unpleasantly, wickedly, wretchedly
"Oh, he just pulled a bode" as someone falls when walking; or
"Wow, I really 'bode'ed' that" as I spill my coffee, ski off course, or whatever the case may be.
by Ski Bum March 10, 2006
To waste or to throw away. Inspired by Bode Miller who was unapologetic for his miserable performance representing his country at the 2006 Winter Olympics.
Dude, don't bode the rest of that sandwich...I'll eat it.
by K. Judd March 03, 2006
To pull a bode is to completely screw up, blow, or dissapoint. One way of doing this is falling way short of your expectations.

The verb "bode" comes from the skiier Bode Miller, who in the 2006 Winter Olympics, did not win ANY medals, when he was expected to win 3 or so.
Maurice Clauret pulled a Bode when he screwed up at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis.
by cousin skeezer February 26, 2006

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