"Bocky" is a Japanese word that refers to the male ERECTION.
A really unique original product makes fun of Pocky, the delicious chocolate-covered pretzel snack that's known all over the world. This is "Bocky," a Japanese word that refers to the erect male penis. Bocky is immediately recognizeable to all Japanese.
by Charles Ward November 27, 2011
Top Definition
A noun used to describe oral sex; it derives from the original Cheltenham request, "Lemme get a bockaladanian wid a shag nag!"
"Lemme get a bocky!"
"Jawn bocked me!"
"Bock Bock Bockadoodle Bocky!"
by thatonebul January 19, 2010
a word that originated at chs, and means blowjob.
that girl gave me a bocky last night and it was awesome.
by yeahman3235 December 13, 2009
To suck dick or give a male oral sex
Yo give me a bocky i'm horny as shit.
by yung bolt May 17, 2009
Yorkshire dialect; crooked or wonky.
She 'as a reet bocky nose.
by George Vespe April 28, 2008
Being stubborn, whiny and/or annoying at the same time. Usually used in reference to objects or animals.
The bocky dog would not get out of the car.

My internet connection is being bocky and I needed to e-mail my term paper 5 minutes ago.
by sprite_911 December 01, 2009
A symbol of cool.
Che bocky.
by hello November 19, 2003

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