primarily females who reside In the wealthy city Of Boca Raton Fl , Boca known for its wealthy retirees and snooty Jewish community ranks as 8th wealthiest city in the US with an average salary of $114,000.00 a year a Boca Bitch is a derogatory term use to brand a Pearson who appears to be usually white, (dyed) blonde hair, has a collection of coach, Louis Vuitton or PRADA bags,orange tan from the tan factory skinny, totes around her iphone or blackberry and appears to have it all material wise, a Boca Bitch is used by other groups such as scene kids, nerds, dorks, floaters, emos, goths and Delray kids. a Boca Bitch usually has Noveau Riche parents who just got a raise and can finally lease that Mercedes S55 and buy their wife a boob job, Boca Bitches attend prep schools as well as prestigious public schools such as Boca Raton Community High School this is were the most concentration of Boca Bitches attend schools ans socialize Boca Bitches usually do not socialize with "lesser" groups such as the Delray kids (who tend to be less economically endowed and material challenged) nor attempt to fit in to a particular group they are by definition originally Bitches after all. a growing number of Male Boca Bitches also fit into this definition except for the fact that most a re either white (American) and immigrant Colombians who have a background of wealth they usually wear Ed Hardy, Ralph Lauren and Armani Exchange their hair is either overly straightened or up in a faux hawk, atypical outfit for a male Boca Bitch is white V-Neckshirt, skinny Armani Jeans, Ed hardy hoodie, and Ray Bans and drive to school in their BMW, Mercedes Or Lexus. a Boca Bitch will never go to Delray socialize with kids from Delray and usually vacation to Mexico, Bahamas, NYC, Greenwich and The Hamptons during memorial day weekends. Most Boca teens can be pointed out becouse they are usually in large crowds of popular kids, their texting while they talk and sip their skinny double latte grande after school, popular hang outs for Boca Bitches are Mizner Park, Muvico, The west wing of the Town Center mall (expensive side).
Is Paris Hilton Lived in Boca Raton she would be considered a Boca bitch, Arthur Abrams the son of the previous Boca Raton mayor Steven Abrams was a widely publicized Boca Bitch, Juan Mora son of the Colombian Mora-Garzon Family is also a known Boca Bitch and so are many of the students that attend Boca Raton schools such as Don Estridge High Tech Middle, Boca Raton High, Pope Jhon Paul II.

Girl Boca Bitch "OMGD! like today i went to mall and got the cutest little coach bag ever, its super cute!! you wanna see!

Boy Boca Bitch " Sure, LOL! yeah its cool, so like I'm going to play Polo at the club today after school and then I'm flying to Greenwich for the weekend can we like hangout at the Mall when I get back"

Girl BB" omgd, OK ill call Linzi and tell her I cant go to her stupid party, OK Hun like well meet at like the back of Neiman Marcus you know where the car guy thingy is right? Omg i cant wait i need new that new Balenciaga Purse!!!"
by chanelX June 06, 2009
Top Definition
In reference to the Florida city of Boca Raton, a Boca bitch is someone (usually female) who has a large collection of Coach bags, is obscenely rich, and usually has bottle-blonde, overly straightened hair, an orange "tan", and walks with the saunter that only someone from the strange city of Boca can have. Is snooty and looks down upon everyone who has less money or is less popular than she. This term is usually used by the rocker, punk, nerd, or other types of people who are stuck in Boca when they see one of these strange airheads.
God, did you see her? She looks like SUCH a Boca bitch!
by Stuck in Boca August 11, 2006
A proud Boca Raton woman who is smart, beautiful, independent, strong willed, sophisticated, but with a little bit of edge and a whole lot of opinions about…well, just about everything. She is a woman who knows what she likes, knows what she wants, and knows how to get it. Above all she is a woman who knows how to appreciate and laugh at life. She must especially be able to laugh at herself once in a while! A common misconception is that she is rude, obnoxious and just a bitch. Make no mistake there is a great difference between a Boca Bitch and just a plain bitch!
See that woman over there, she looks so "put together", she looks like a real Boca Bitch!
by BocaBitchBlog March 17, 2010
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