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A sexual favor to be given by only a select few, and given to even fewer. Even after receiving one the recipient is unable to describe what the top-secret Bobjob consists of.
It took me like 100,000 dickels to finally buy a bobjob
No, I cannot explain the process of giving a bobjob to you, it is top secret.
by Bobjob Agent Alpha May 16, 2011
4 7
1. Battery operated buddy (vibrator) job

2. (If used in Northern Indiana) sucking someone off while playing with their balls and asshole... Butt :O<==8 Balls job

1. Person 1: Hey... anyone seen Brittany?
Person 2: She's probably at home giving herself a bob job

2. Hooker: twenty dollars I suck ya dick. Twenty-five I play wit yo' balls and suck ya dick. But, for thirty... its a full out bob job baby.
by Cookamus Maximus June 09, 2006
44 13
The action of giving a "blowjob". Bobjob includes more motion of the head and thrusting of the neck.

See for more details.

Milly: Okay.

Harold: Thanks.

Milly: Such a pleasure!
by Jimbobfancypants April 09, 2011
11 3
A bobjob is a simple handjob performed with the intention of the finish being a 'moneyshot.'
"How much do you charge for a bobjob?" "$30 should suffice"
by RussianZack April 03, 2013
4 0
When a incompetent electrician attempts to wire a control panel while stuttering wildly.
This contractor totally gave me a bob job.
by Stutters alot December 12, 2011
8 4
getting off (cumming) by a vibrator giving urself pleasure from something battery opperated
she gave herself a bob job
by stacey April 18, 2003
17 13
when u recieive a sweater vest, bath and combing of the hair and a blow job from another man
dude that fag just got a bob job
by rob45311 July 01, 2010
5 3
intended sex with a complete stranger, friends boyfriend or family members boyfriend using tha excuse of intoxication.
ew you slept with your cousins boyfriend? your such a bob job.
by deebo lotty July 28, 2009
3 2