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A name given to really fat black women, usually approaching 300 lbs (~135 KG) because once they begin getting really massive they all begin to look alike. Their facial features get scrunched, their bellies are the first thing to enter a room and their butts the last thing to leave it.

Bobeeshas are typically very lazy, too, but this is partly understandable - if you had an extra 175 pounds strapped to you, you wouldn't want to move much more than you had to. But never get between a Bobeesha and her food or you will be sorry. Bobeeshas are also usually very irritable, have a bad attitude and love to play the blame game. Because of their difficulty in attracting mates, if they have kids, they will usually all be from different sperm donors.
I desperately needed some painkillers after my surgery, but I had a big ol' Bobeesha for a nurse who wouldn't get or do anything for me. Whenever I asked for painkillers, food, water or whatever, Bobeesha would try to convince me I didn't really need or want them (e.g., "What do you want a drink fo'? It's just gonna make you pee and you don't want to have to walk around with all those bandages, now do you?"). If I persisted, she would then ask with obvious irritation some other nurse to get these things. Eventually, they got angry and complained that she wasn't doing her job, but then she suddenly found the energy to beat them down with a racism stick.
by FigurinOutLife November 03, 2006
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