a boy who can't get over himself and is an asshole to everyone. Nothing is ever his fault. all the girls hate him.
"He's such a Bobby."
"That's why he's Spencer."
by Boomchacalaca May 18, 2009
An erection, often associated with adolesence. Loofa-like.
"I have such a bad Bobby whenever I see that girl! (or boy, we aren't hatin')
by lolomglolomg February 15, 2008
A total faq and jerk. He makes out with guys in the school supply closet. He is also a tree humper. Also known as booby
Bobby just came out of the closet with Brandon.
by rogLt2 September 12, 2009
a horrible haircut; and unworthy due
Josh got a bobby!(when you see him with a bad cut)
by dod May 03, 2006
An asshole who is self absorbed. This guy is a retard also for listening to idiotic monkeys who need to get a life and go back to the zoo.
person 1: I met this guy and he was a total jerk!
person 2: I bet he wasnt as bad as a Bobby
by starrgirl1234 June 02, 2009
someone who has an extremely small penis.one who can not please a woman..when having sex the woman can not orgasm and she has to fake it then becoming sexualy fustrated.also one who does not shower, and tends to smell bad,one who is jealous off a matt whoes cock is huge and can please his woman to the point off multiple orgasms that she cant hold in her moans
i tied havin sex with this guy last night he was such a bobby, i wish i had a matt
by bobbysvictim December 26, 2009
a moronic four eyed homo... who sleeps on his mothers couch... mooches off people... often uses girls for their money and often relies on others to make himself feel good. A real douche bag freak... who preys on young girls...often shits his pants and has a very very tiny knob if u will.
eww dont go near that bobby he's a piece of shit
so i hooked up with this loser bobby last night and he only lasted 3 seconds....he is so pathetic

omg that bobby just stole a thousand dollars from me...

no way i heard his mom stole 60000000 from where she works... WHAT A BOBBY
by cutiepiee December 30, 2008
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