an amazing man who makes a little girls life the best ever :] & mostly he is... cute, sweet, lovable but a prick. :
my bobby is being a bobby.
by Errah December 22, 2009
a word for dick used in situations where the male member is of large proportion to the average male member and likes to show it off by flopping it on tables, chairs, desks, guitar hero guitars, pillows, and beds.
Look at my bobby flap on the table.

Nice to meet you. Here's my bobby.
by Mr. Zinke April 15, 2009
An amazing person who will always fight for what he loves. He is passionate and sweet. Loves animals and children. He is a man's man, usually a mechanic or outdoorsman. He can fix just about anything, but knows how to ask for help if he needs it. He is an amazing cook and a good listener, but has a strong side to balance out his tender side. Ever the vigilant protector, he is always ready to pounce on those who threaten what he loves. Every girl in town (and their mom) is in love with him, and those who say they aren't, secretly are. Those who REALLY aren't, should be. He wrestles bears, alligators and sharks all at once, and wins. Chuck Norris is jealous of him. In short, a Bobby is the most manly of all men.
1. Ethel: Dang, that Bobby just fixed my car, punched a rhino, and cooked an awesome dinner for 50 people in one day. What a beast. I wish he was mine.

Betty: Too bad, cause I called first dibs! *catfight ensues*

Shirley: Ladies, ladies, please....everyone knows he's MINE. *joins fight*

Kat: *stands to the side with a smug expression on face because he's hers already*
by Kat93 August 23, 2011
A really cute guy with a cowlick who is kind of nerdy and has a huge vocabulary. Bobby is a great actor and comedian and plays guitar. He wears glasses and polo shirts and flirts a lot. He'll make you laugh, and he's the perfect guy to have an engaging conversation with. Bobby is a very loveable person.
Girl 1: Did you see the play Bobby was in?
Girl 2: Yeah, he's so adorable.
by iwantanaltoid December 26, 2011
another term for the word police.
"just had a chase of the bobbies"
by iain April 05, 2003
A guy who shows up late to class everytime.
bobby you're late!
by Apimpnamedslickback October 11, 2013
bobby is so funny and cute. wish he liked me.
1: who is that
2: that is bobby
by walkingdead March 30, 2011

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