A Bobby is loyal at all times, strong and reliable. Often selfless but with great fighting abilites that can come in handy when protecting friends as well as one self.

To their friends they're known to be "a rock", someone they can trust and know will support them if times get tough. At times they may be lazy but many a time it is the opposite. But most of all, a Bobby is nice
Ex 1
- You look very tired, want a sip of my coke?
- Oh you're so nice, you're a Bobby!

Ex 2
See supernatural Bobby Singer

Ex 3

See "Seadevil" at Fanfiction.net
by Vendelareader March 28, 2013
new milton (milly,stilton,...shit house)slang term for cocaine!!
was bobby there last night
you rotta
i know ,it was bad wen he left.., and today i feel like a drain....
by jakob s v January 10, 2008
someone to stay away from if you are a female in fears of getting impregnated. a man who is unemployed with no sense whatsoever of safe sex practices.
omg..theres bobby, do not get close to him or you will get pregnant.
...i heard that sarah is pregnant by jeff,....really...he's such a bobby.
by daisybr March 31, 2008
The act of two men cartwheeling while in stand-up 69 position.
Wow, did you see Robert and the other faggot balls deep in that bobby manuever at gymnastincs class today?!?! That sure was gay of those faggots.
by Ouch my balls February 05, 2010
A specimen of lower intelligence that cannot spell first-grade words and does not know what a spell-check is.
Guy 1: u tink ur so badddd w/ ur kuhrect spelin uf teh wordz.
Guy 2: Your name's Bobby, isn't it?
by Cletus. July 04, 2009
a boy who can't get over himself and is an asshole to everyone. Nothing is ever his fault. all the girls hate him.
"He's such a Bobby."
"That's why he's Spencer."
by Boomchacalaca May 18, 2009
An asshole who is self absorbed. This guy is a retard also for listening to idiotic monkeys who need to get a life and go back to the zoo.
person 1: I met this guy and he was a total jerk!
person 2: I bet he wasnt as bad as a Bobby
by starrgirl1234 June 02, 2009
An erection, often associated with adolesence. Loofa-like.
"I have such a bad Bobby whenever I see that girl! (or boy, we aren't hatin')
by lolomglolomg February 15, 2008

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