A Bobby is loyal at all times, strong and reliable. Often selfless but with great fighting abilites that can come in handy when protecting friends as well as one self.

To their friends they're known to be "a rock", someone they can trust and know will support them if times get tough. At times they may be lazy but many a time it is the opposite. But most of all, a Bobby is nice
Ex 1
- You look very tired, want a sip of my coke?
- Oh you're so nice, you're a Bobby!

Ex 2
See supernatural Bobby Singer

Ex 3

See "Seadevil" at Fanfiction.net
by Vendelareader March 28, 2013
the new word for an e-stud
that guy on webcam is a real bobby, the girls love him
by buddylove23 May 20, 2009
The player of the bunch that you just cant help yourself to
K: omg L look he is so freakin Bobby
L: i no like gosh why does he have to be so Bobby
The best boyfriend a girl could ever ask for. Typically in the marines and also very cute. One of the sweetest most caring people you could ever meet.
Addison loves her Bobby.
by addison112 August 17, 2009
English word for police.
"Mate, you got to stop nicking(steeling), The Bobby's are gunna catch you".
by Hooder Hooderman May 08, 2009
A drink consisting of three parts scotch (occasionally with a splash of soda or water).
Bartender, give me a bobby.
by Nichole R April 14, 2008
to bum, pilfer, or mooch something from your friends
Could I bobby a cigarette from you?
by Bobby Simon September 21, 2006
Scottish, mostly north-east slang for penis.
Cock, dong, trouser snake... call it what you will, we call it

"The Bobby"
by the_tartanbeastie February 03, 2010

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