A Bobby is loyal at all times, strong and reliable. Often selfless but with great fighting abilites that can come in handy when protecting friends as well as one self.

To their friends they're known to be "a rock", someone they can trust and know will support them if times get tough. At times they may be lazy but many a time it is the opposite. But most of all, a Bobby is nice
Ex 1
- You look very tired, want a sip of my coke?
- Oh you're so nice, you're a Bobby!

Ex 2
See supernatural Bobby Singer

Ex 3

See "Seadevil" at Fanfiction.net
by Vendelareader March 28, 2013
bobby is a word meaning cunnilingus or the act of performing oral sex to a female. It is the same as "becky" but instead of to a man it is to a woman.
"Gimme dat bobby!" A female rapper needs to write this song.
by slam999 September 22, 2009
Another term for Marijuana, originating from Bob Marley and his love for the plant.

I got Bobby by the Pound, Whitney by the Key.
by lmattson724 October 25, 2008
1. A chuckie who is always thirsty for beers and down to drink 'em with his buddies.

2. A chuckie who makes sure if his buddy is thirsty that he has plenty of cold ones to quench that thirst.

I was going to lay low last night, but my roommate was being such a bobby that I ended up getting shitfaced and fell asleep on the floor.
by dmbx7 June 11, 2008
A certain member of the male toad clan, whos hidden power is to call the ladies by spraying a special serum from a veiny patch located under the ear for the purpose of hypnosis.
On damnnn that bobby got me all dizzy!
by Supa dank. November 27, 2005
Bobby has a very small penis. usually around 2 inches or less. Bobby gets beat up most of the time at school and gets slammed into lockers. A bobby is also another word for someone with a small penis.
OMG look at his little bobby!

wow that guy is such a bobby
by Nolan Griffis December 07, 2010
an amazing name that was illeagl to use untill 1942 because that person would be to good looking
holy hitler that guy doesnt deserve the name Bobby
by cock lovermgoo June 22, 2010
the new word for an e-stud
that guy on webcam is a real bobby, the girls love him
by buddylove23 May 20, 2009

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