A Bobby is loyal at all times, strong and reliable. Often selfless but with great fighting abilites that can come in handy when protecting friends as well as one self.

To their friends they're known to be "a rock", someone they can trust and know will support them if times get tough. At times they may be lazy but many a time it is the opposite. But most of all, a Bobby is nice
Ex 1
- You look very tired, want a sip of my coke?
- Oh you're so nice, you're a Bobby!

Ex 2
See supernatural Bobby Singer

Ex 3

See "Seadevil" at Fanfiction.net
by Vendelareader March 28, 2013
The act or action of not being able to finsh. Always associated with a sexual act. Sometimes can be caused by an injury or overusege.
"I heard you pulled a bobby last night"
"yeah it just wouldnt work"
"what's wrong"
"I think I broke it"
by Kick-Ass May 25, 2012
Boobs (derives from french slang for boobs-> "roberts")

Man check it out, that chick's bobbies are sitting on the table!
by Benmaestro June 12, 2006
Yorkshire term for condoms,
originated in Goole, Yorkshire
"Can't wait to get you naked"
"wait...did u bring the bobbys with you"
by bez February 05, 2004
Slang term for marijuana. Bob+Marley=Bobby
Hey man, wanna go hang with bobby?
by Keish July 17, 2013
Street slang for heroin...Bobby Brown....mainly used in the Northwest of England.
Yeah,he's fucked lad..bad on the Bobby
by Brian Babondae January 30, 2011
To get angry at somebody/something.

To get on somebody's nerves.
You can not bobby me

Stop bobbying me

If you piss my off, I get bobby
by bobbysincazza December 26, 2012
bobby , from bobby brown , means crack .

smoking bobby means smoking crack
I don’t smoke no Bobby, but my denim be from Ricky
(2 chains - nicky minaj beez in the trap 2012 )
by kennel April 20, 2012

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