The most sweet and caring guy you will ever meet. Very kind and never leaves anyone out. Tries to bring a smile to people's faces. The most gorgeous guy you will ever see. They usually play football and are very athletic. People will often call him gay because he's sometimes open about his feelings. Any girl would be lucky to have a Bobby.
Girl: Hey, look at Bobby over there, he's so gorgeous.

Girl 2: Back off, he's mine!
by ncbvio February 08, 2013
Top Definition
has a very big penis and is great in bed
no need for an example for the name Bobby
by x0_Princesa April 27, 2009
The perfect boyfriend. Sweet, attractive, funny and all around amazing. Can trust him with anything. Always ready to have fun and be the life of the party.
Haley is so lucky to have Bobby. She loves him very much:)
by haley2323 September 27, 2008
He is a confused man. He is great looking. Always smells great. One that loves but does not know how to show it. He acts like a child. He is inconsiderate but he is a wonderful lover. Marrying him seems crazy but you know there will never be a dull moment.
Damn it I love that crazy Bobby.
by loverlaydown August 03, 2009
Scottish slang for penis

A mate of mine came across it whilst stationed in Arbroath
Come and suck ma wee bobby!
by whowho dilly August 16, 2006
An exceptional man who is entertaining in the livingroom and absolutely amazing in the bedroom. Bobby will give you the best sex of your life! He has an extremely huge penis that you will become a slave to. He is tall, dark, and gorgeous!
Anyone who has Bobby is the luckiest woman alive.
by makemedear February 03, 2010
bobby is a man of his word.. yes a large winkie and a body of a god, cutie with the bootie, and the voice of an angel, his tattoos tat it up and make the girls touch their privates thinking about him. he is very sincere and thoughtful, putting others before him and has the most beautful outlook on life. this MAN will never hurt you and will always remain loyal and will put a smile in your life and your heart.
im touching myself picturing a bobby!
by magnaraptor July 13, 2009
A name for a very good looking male, especially if they are excellent at rapping or just especially staunch, the word originated from a man who was all of those rolled up into one mad dude.
Girl 1: Damn that guys hot as!
Girl 2: Yeah hes a real Bobby alright.
by Random Definer of words December 21, 2006
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