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Two people that are attached at the hip and are in love with each other. Usually these two are best friends and make it known to everyone that they are. Often these two talk about bringing 6 packs to parties together just so they can look cool, as well as engaging in sleepovers all the time, and talking about the television show, "Friday Night Lights." These two people often get on everyone's nerves because all they do is hang out with each other.
"Hey Bobbsey can I sleep over?"
"Standard, lets get a six pack and watch Riggins on Friday Night Lights tonight."
"Texas Forever?"
"Nah, Bobbsey Twins forever."
by Mister Mood March 09, 2014
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Two friends / siblings who look similar and act similar, usually in an annoying manner. They are also usually homely looking and quite boring.
Used in a sentence: "Man, who invited they Bobbsey Twins? They're such a drag."
by EmmaKathleen October 12, 2013
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