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A nickname for the Obama's new dog, Bo. The well behaved puppy is for the two daughters of our new president.

Can also be used as a general name for the sure-to-become-popular Portugese Water Dog
Hey, look at this picture in the paper of Michelle walking Bobama!
by no, tu mama April 17, 2009
A Bobama is a Portuguese Water Dog acquired during and several months after the Firts Family's adoption of Bo Obama.
Hey Blayne, look at Ritchie with his Bobama, There's a Portuguese Water Dog baby boom... can you call a breeder this week hun?
by TimThomas April 13, 2009
A mistype of B. Obama, which can be used to indicate the present president of the US Barack Obama.
Friend 1: Did you listen to Bobama's speech that day?

Friend 2: You mean B. Obama?

Friend 1: Yeah, B. Obama or Bobama what's the difference.

Friend 2: He is the difference we want to see...the change we need.

Friend 1: Hmm...I can't say no to that.
by The Native February 24, 2009