A great man, who could have been compared to god on earth. He was a political activist and a man of great music, know other reggae artist has had such an influential on the earth, he is on of the greatest lyric writers of all time. Righting about oppression of black and working class people and how everyone should get a long in the world.

Chavs and other humans who don't know a lot about music mistake his music for stoner music even though Bob Marley doesn't even mention cannabis in his music.
Bob Marley is a legend and one of the most popular icons in the music industry ever he's first guy from Jamaica to really make it and be noticed in world wide music.
by Beardy1991 May 29, 2009
He is very loved by poser-wannabe stoners everywhere.
Poser-Wannabe Stoner : "Dude, I LOVE Bob Marley"

RandomPerson - "Oh cool, what songs of his do you like?"

Poser-Wannabe Stoner : "Uhhhh... that one about smoking weed..... "
by m!kayla June 17, 2011
imagine the most intense and amazing pleasure you could ever concieve, now imagine this as a touch, smell, taste, sight, sound, and spiritual transcendence, this is Bob Marley
Scott you totally Bob Marley'd the shit out of that ball
by VladVash October 12, 2009
Greatest dude ever.
Not only was his music awesome,he was also a very wise man. His vibe was just cool.
Honor him.
1:Yo did you listen to that bob marley song?

2: Yeah. I visited him while stoned the other night.

by Awesomely12345 April 17, 2009
Commonly referred to as Jesus.
Hey look, there goes Bob Marley parting the red sea!
by ehhhhhh November 16, 2007
A great reggae artist. had many great songs like "Jammin", "Stir it Up", and "One Love". His music was about freedom and spreading unity around the world. He was so cool, he even supported the punk movement of the time.
buffalo soldier, dreadlock rasta:
there was a buffalo soldier in the heart of america
stolen from africa, brought to america
fighting on arrival, fighting for survival..
- Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley
by flipsoff July 30, 2008
the sickist rasta man ever ya he smoked but thats not what most of his music wasnt about weed i mean ya he did it but most of his music was about living life to its foolest and having fun doing it and smokin on th way
bob marley next best thing to jesus and god
by luke grady May 30, 2006

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