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A pioneer of folk rock (in its electric sense), and most importantly that fusion, but who is only considered a pioneer by those who don't particularly want to look at what else was going on in the world of music. Awful, awful voice: could be viewed as a soulful voice by his defenders, but even many of his most well-meaning fans will admit that his gravelly, difficult voice isn't his strength.

They say his strength is his songwriting. But, as examples, they pull up stuff like "Like A Rolling Stone" and "Mr. Tambourine Man" and "Subterranean Homesick Alien" BUT!

1) Repetitive, dull chord progression. Don't rhyme at all. It'd be OK if what he said made sense. It doesn't. Don't go whinging saying that "it makes sense to the responder, it talks to me, waa waa I was breastfed til I was 17". Most of what Dylan wrote was stream of consciousness or old-fashioned storytelling that, if S o C, is just his thoughts, and honestly, who cares? If old-fashioned storytelling, then he's failed because noone has any idea what the hell he's on about. Quite a story.

2) DOESN'T MAKE SENSE. Mr. Tambourine Man? "In the jingle-jangle morning"? This is not the lyrics of a genius. I'm sorry. What is then, you ask?
Well, maybe, hell, "Now I know how Joan of Arc felt, when the flames rose to her Roman Nose and her walkman started to melt". Funny, anachronistic. Jingle-jangle morning? It sounds like something written on a bad Hallmark card.

3) Subterranean Homesick Blues could, could have been brilliant, but instead it comes off as self-indulgent. What the hell? It's just stream-of-consciousness, beat poetry, except without the interest of Ginsberg or Kerouac. Nice ripoff, enjoy your millions.

He's not particularly good at guitar. A prodigy at harmonica, but then again, there are homeless men on the street who are pretty damn good at harmonica too, and they don't get celebrated as genius.

The myth of Bob Dylan has been propogated by ageing hippies who pass on this values system of "sticking it to the man!", and use stuff like "Hurricane" as examples of this. He is a figurehead for a movement of assertive peace and political awareness, which is why he has found a consistent fan base (i.e. because we're politically screwed, and have been for the last 40 years). The queen is a figurehead too. Let's celebrate her genius. Nevermind she can't sing, her lyrics are deliberately obscure and she can't play guitar.

You can find kids with four Bob Dylan songs on their iPods, scoffing at their friends who like Blink 182 or Good Charlotte, even though if questioned they wouldn't have a clue about Bob Dylan. Why? It's what Dylan represents. Fight the mainstream.
I respect his political opinions and how he has crystallised that youthful, almost naive optimism of the 60's, but Bob Dylan? I never trust a man with two first names.
by Caltcapa March 07, 2006
Shittiest singer in the entire universe in my opinion he should have never been born GO DIE BOB!!!!!
WTF is wrong with bob DYLAN HE IS REALLY GAY
by psycokittens March 23, 2010
The word Bob Dylan can be used in a sentence to fill in any word that is not remembered at the moment. It is very helpful in life when you cannot remember a word, phrase, or even a name.
I Bob Dylan'd the kid so he looked at me and Bob Dylan'd me back. Bob Dylan gave me a Bob Dylan glare Bob Dylanning the Bob Dylan while constantly Looking at the Bob Dylan trying to eat some Bob Dylan. But he Bob Dylan'd sadly Bob Dylanning back to his Bob Dylan
by Chief Mendez June 13, 2009
Influential artiste of the late 1960's. Characterized by scratchy voice and brilliant lyrics.
by Wimp Lo April 30, 2003
A famous and extremely influential singer and songwriter known for his distinctive voice. In the 1960s his music reflected the civil rights movement and other movements of social unrest. Many people are turned off by his voice, but lovers of Bob Dylan are enamored by his complex lyricism and how prolific he has been over the ~50 years of his career.
"Hey man, I'm listening to some Bob Dylan!"
"Wow, Bob Dylan? Isn't he the famous 60s singer responsible for hits like 'Like a Rolling Stone' and 'Blowin in the Wind"?"
by TheFrickinPope November 05, 2014
To attempt to define Bob Dylan in certain terms would be to contradict everything to which Mr. Dylan has endeavored. Simply put, he's a man of song who rose to fame in the early 60's as part of the Greenwich folk scene in NYC but who continues to reinvent his sound well into the 21st century. His voice is dreadful noise to some and delightful bliss to others. He continues to create and perform music while others of his generation rest on their laurels. He does what he wants and really doesn't care if he defies one's expectations of him. In fact, he kind of enjoys being a mystery.
I wen to a Bob Dylan concert with my sister last night. She hated it, and I loved it.
by philcov March 12, 2015
Arguably the best folk, rock and roll and blues composer ever.
adasdasasd troll bob dylan
by masquerade. April 13, 2015
The greatest songwriter of all time. There are very few, if any, people who cannot relate to at least one of his songs.
The reason this guy is such an amazing songwriter is because he spent years studying the songwriting techniques of Bob Dylan.
by Mike the Ekim March 27, 2005

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