once was the drummer of My Chemical Romance

it was announced March 3,2010 that he had left/
no more Bob Bryar
by ara_tvo March 03, 2010
Bob Bryar is the drummer for My Chemical Romance
He is rumoured to have fallen off the Black Parade and dragged for 5 miles before Gerard stopped crying long enough to relise he was gone
Bob is turned on by slippers, probably because Gerard used to do an erotic dance with slippers while Bob was tied to the bedpost, during their many nights alone ^.^
gerard: "come on Bob Bryar.. i have slippers *seductive smile*"
by ??i-aint-telling?? April 10, 2007
The most awesome drummer who had the misfortune of working for My Chemical Romance.

He likes cats, slippers and the ninja turtles and has been known to hit a few cameras.

He played with MCR for 6 years before they ungratefully kicked him out of the band like they did to Matt Plessier.

Bob Bryar Day is a semi-official Twitter holiday and is celebrated worldwide on June 21st.
"You're drinking so much Red Bull you could be Bob Bryar!"
by Skittlesdonttastelikerainbows April 08, 2010

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