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1.a word that came from tourettes guy that is used as an exclaimation of unsatisfaction or anger 2.can be used as any vulgar word of any kind.
1.(after a beer slips out of your hands onto the floor)Oh bob saggot. 2.Shut the bob saggot up. Stop being such a bob saggot head. You cheating bob saggot.
by The waffles July 05, 2006
The incorrect spelling of Bob Saget
Idiot who thinks its spelled Bob Saggot: I'm a FAGGOT! I spell Saget SAGGOT!!!!
by STEVECORE September 21, 2006
Expressed when in anger or frustration.
When he struck out in baseball he yelled: Bob saggot!
by Gossimereatspie August 02, 2008