1. Another name for weed
2. A political and reggae god
That Bob Marley was the shit!
Bob Marley was an amazing artist.
by Tommy Cease October 09, 2006
An internationally popular reggae singer during the 1970s, sung about political activism, rastafarianism,and the legalization of marijuana
Bob marley and the Wailers made music about weed
by reed May 11, 2003
Worshiped by caucasians because he smoked weed. Often listened to by rich white kids driving their dad's mercedes. Political and peace loving lyrics have nothing to do with his following.
Eric: "Hey Julian, pass be the blunt G. And turn up the Bob Marley."

Julian: "Here you go G, don't get any ash on my dads heated leather seats"
by Batron March 08, 2006
The only person white people appreciate cause he was a stoner and blacks apreciate cause he was simply a jamaican reggae god a.k.a. "the ORIGIONAL rude bwoi"(see rude boy/ rude girl also rude-boy) kinda like a jamaican jimi hendrix if you think about it.
bob and jimi.... separated at birth?. . . . probably might have met up in heaven already
by suckage July 14, 2005
Talented legendary Reggae artist who is well known for his music and the fact that he smoked a lot of what he called "herb" He was also somewhat of a political activest. He had a band named "The Wailers"

Some of his songs include:
400 Years
Midnight Ravers
Kinky Reggae
Stop That Train
No More Trouble
One Love

He passed away after he got a tumor. Probably because he smoked so much herb.

Well loved among stoners.
Bob Marley is a great reggae artist.
by 1069 November 21, 2005
slang for a really huge joint
Man im so blazed, but light up that bob marley i wanna get mega blazed.
by silky black February 12, 2005
Extremely potent and high quality weed. Usually hydroponicically made.
I smoked some of that bob marley last night... oh my god dude, I was blazed.
by special lou April 15, 2003
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