One of the comtemporary artists of the 60's and 70's who rose to fame as a member of the Reggae group the Wailers. After the Wailers disbanded he became a solo artist. He spoke out against slavery, racism, and social injustice in his. Marley was also actively engaged in Politics, Endorsed the Rastafarian creed and was hated by certain individuals in his lifetime for some of his controversial opinions such as the legalization of cannabis (marijuana).

Many stoners say that they can identify with the man, but in reality just use his message and religion as an excuse and justification for their pot habits. Which results in a lot of bias and ignorance towards him.
Group of Stoners: One loooooooooove, One heeeeaarrt, let's get togetheer and feeeeeeeel alright. *each of them take a toke from a blunt*

Mentally Retarded Guy: Hey guys.


Bob Marley: Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.

Stoner: I have no idea whatz dat meanzzz duuurrr, wtf is emanicipating?. Ohhhhh, i think hes telling us to smoke weed. "starts speaking patois*
by Thelight666 August 24, 2011
Bob Marley is a reggae artist. He writes songs about peace, love, and equality. Alot of people only know him for smoking weed.
A: I love Bob Marley!
B: I smoke weed listing to his music!
A: ...
by Notsoswag50 May 25, 2014
Is anything and everything. Anything imagined and not imagined, and every number times every number an unlimited amount of times.
I told my friend what a Bob Marley was when I said how much I wanted to pork his mom...he was not amused.
by Alimony Bob January 26, 2012
Something that is cool; a term used to say express content.
That snowboard trick was so bobmarley. OR I just got laid...bobmarley.
by CHill5 February 27, 2008
When a group of friends get together and and pass either a blunt or joint around and try to hold in the smoke until it comes back to them in rotation.
haha dude i totally whipped your ass in that game of bob marley.
by PapaPola August 11, 2008
A joint. Usually between .5 - 1.0 gram in size and shaped as a spliff or 'cone' shape. Bob Marleys get you extremely high and are very efficient for joints.
Damn dude, we need to chill tonight, I have a Bob Marley for us to smoke!

by MitchOMeara December 22, 2007
holds the record for most weed smoked in a day.
the king of reggae music. from jamacia. required by his religion to smoke weed.
bob marley is my hero
by jacob July 03, 2006

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