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a slang term for bo bice and fans of bo bice.
did you see bob ice perform last night? me either, i was watching twatlight.
by bella swine April 13, 2009
34 19
A deeply depressed ex-American-Idol-runner-up who fails at selling typical country music so now probably works at like a pet store or a mill...
Hahahahahahaha... Bo Bice.
by Mickey X January 30, 2009
18 13
A guy who will do anything to try to impress the ladies. Buy all the expensive jewelry, expensive clothes, etc..
Look at that bo bice over at the bar trying to pick up that chick. Also can be used as a bo bo.
by Chris Trops August 25, 2008
8 10
Bo Bice. The only reason left to watch American Idol. Ever. Gorgeous. The total opposite of Carrie Underwood. He's talented. Beautiful eyes. In a word--lovely. Or...amazing.
Don't vote Carrie, vote for the one who deserves to win!
by Kaza May 19, 2005
10 35