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The feeling that you pancreas will burst into flames and slowly seep it's way out of your anus after ingesting food from Bojangles. There is no known cure, the only treatment is consuming more Bojangles to delay it's onset.
Ben: " my parents and tell them I love them..."
Ian: "uhh, why?"
Ben: "I have a serious case of the Bo-aches..."
by EcoSystem December 16, 2008
A commonly enough used piece of slang meant to denote a particularly ugly Vagina. Usually an outy, with massive meat curtains.
Dude, I love my girl to death but damn she has a nasty lookin boach...
by 0gopogo October 05, 2010
Commonly used word in the vocab of homosexuals. Usualy refers to the wrinkles in someones ass.
I can't believe your SN is boach. Are you gay?
by Lol owned. September 02, 2006
A mentally retarded person.
Corky from "Life Goes On" is a boach
by franky b December 15, 2007
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