bello's best friend in the greatest show on earth!!
"bello, bello and bo, the greatest team the circus will ever know.."
by Tomanda February 18, 2003
Short for elbow
esp. in fighting
See also bolo
Them cats is beefin' dog, they's abouts to throw some bo's!
by Cosmic Truckaz October 16, 2003
another name for the ubiquitous Robert
robert likes to be called bo.
by thnx July 19, 2003
B.O.S stands for Beat off session. A B.O.S is time set aside for a male to masturbate.
- Karl can I call you back?

- Why man?

- Im gonna go have a B.O.S


- Hey Raquel, you mind giving me a hand with my B.O.S?

- Sure, anytime
by TheJordanman November 08, 2006
It means when you're going for a ( Wank, Masurbate, etc )
B. = Burst
O. = Of
S. = Speed
Me> Hey fred, I'll brb.
Fred> kk, why?
Me> Going for a B.O.S.
Fred> Kk, safe!

B O S B.O.S BOS Wank Masturbate
jamon motha fucka
jamon motha fucka
by JCDenton December 11, 2003
having a little sleep in the day
im having a bo (zzzzzzzzzzz)
by marshmallowsex March 04, 2004
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