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1. (Adj.) Something good, of top quality. wicked.
2. (n.) A handsome guy. A girl's rightous lover. Should actually be spelled beau.
3. (n.) God (similar to rastafari Ja).
1. My bo hi-fi kicks ass.
2. Look at Melanie's Bo. He's ok, you know.
3. By Bo! I think she's done it!
by Brian Eakerous December 28, 2003
An acronym for the term Billy Ocean. Also commonly used as a substitute for the term hoe.
Jose: "Ashley was easy! She's a bo. Believe me."
Maria: "I believe you. Once a bo always a bo!"
by proshuffler October 08, 2008
totally hott guy! that is 12 at the moment.
hey, bo, you are hott!
by catharine March 31, 2007
The noise made by Birdo in the Super Mario Brothers 2 game when the boss spits eggs out at the player.
(music) *du du du du du du du du* ---"BO!"
by Sacchiel13 March 10, 2007
somebody of local kind or kanaka moali or kanaka maoli o hawaii
ho bo wussup how ur mom stay
by danniel November 03, 2006
shortend from bro. bro brofa double-ended dildo
b-ill: sup bo
b-rad: cheese bo
by shazzy my shizzynazzy bizzle June 24, 2005
Bo is an exclamation and/or greeting which can be used in the same way as "yo". It was first popularised by the Artful Dodger and Craig David in their garage hit, "Re-rewind (When the crowd say bo selecta!)"
BO! Whats gwarn bra?

That shit is swwwwweeeeet, bo!
by Ant Johnston August 13, 2004
A fucking loser with a giant truck who hangs out at either the tractor supply or local wal-mart after the hours of 9pm. A BO may have one or more giant antennas the size of a basketball hoop COMING OUT OF THEIR HOOD built for landing spaceships or attracting other BO'S or mudbumpers. It is not uncommon for a BO to use words like < fixin, yonder, thurr, >
Heyo D-rock check out those BO'S, they must be FIXIN to go down yonder with their antennas
by FROM THE 603 February 02, 2010