1. (Adj.) Something good, of top quality. wicked.
2. (n.) A handsome guy. A girl's rightous lover. Should actually be spelled beau.
3. (n.) God (similar to rastafari Ja).
1. My bo hi-fi kicks ass.
2. Look at Melanie's Bo. He's ok, you know.
3. By Bo! I think she's done it!
by Brian Eakerous December 28, 2003
jack ass tha steals your date at a dance goes out with her and treats her like shit, and acts liek he gets laid when he can only get action from his hand
screw u bo.
by matt December 27, 2003
BO is sweat that you release from under armpits don't no one no that
eeee smell that someones got BO is it yes you who reading this go get yourself a bath huw
by whinny the poo August 08, 2003
A fucking loser with a giant truck who hangs out at either the tractor supply or local wal-mart after the hours of 9pm. A BO may have one or more giant antennas the size of a basketball hoop COMING OUT OF THEIR HOOD built for landing spaceships or attracting other BO'S or mudbumpers. It is not uncommon for a BO to use words like < fixin, yonder, thurr, >
Heyo D-rock check out those BO'S, they must be FIXIN to go down yonder with their antennas
by FROM THE 603 February 02, 2010
A response to some one who is trying or may have used an excuse to not respond to a conversation.

Also used in slang for some one not respond acting vulgar to a conversation or being complete jackoff and ignoring you in away shape or fourm.

person1:yea i was just in a game sorry for not responding to your messages

person2: ooh yea no problem
person2: ...
person2: Bo
person1: ???
by The-Unforgotten June 29, 2009
style in an off the wall sense, tactful bling. derived from longer phrases such as bo-ya-kasha. a respectful term.
giving it some bo. bo, that is cool. get down with me bo
by s kol May 15, 2007

1.(offensive)body odor

2. Box office

If you'd put on some deoderant, BO would not be a problem.
by Light Joker March 08, 2007
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