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Save money/Bo squad group was assembled in the ninth grade in 2008 at Whitney young highschool. Bo Squad is a viloent group focused on stealing, robbing and most of all fucking Bitches. Bo squad is a group combined of Gangster Disciples,Stones,Latain Kings,Satan Disiples and many more. SaveMoney also has a graffiti/rap Group known as Kids These Days And Instrumentality. If you ever are confronted by someone who claims Bo Squad/Save Money for your own safety empty your pockets. Bosquad is know as the originators of the Av.(located by Michigan Avenue)
Guy#1: Oh shit its Bo Squad Jock your phone.

Guy#2: Fuck i think the whole SaveMoney team just fucked my girlfriend and ran her pockets and mine.

Guy#3:Why the Fuck are we on the Av. This is Bosquad territory.
by FalseFlagKilla July 07, 2011
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