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the coolest lil dude ever. stud at heart. has tons of friends. beats eli and ben in fishing. i mean to have this name, you must be the awesomest man ever. period. excels in all fields of leadership. it is an honor to come in contact with this guy. if you do, make it a moment to remember. Bo Echols is the awesomest man in the world.
Eli: Dang, did you see that Bo Echols over there?

Ben: Yeah man, he's a boss.

Eli: I bet he could destroy us in fishing...

Ben: Me too... I wish I was as cool as him.

Eli: Shut up. Don't even compare yourself to the almighty Bo Echols. You should be ashamed of yourself. Punk.
by Lil Dude Man May 31, 2011
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