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A rarely seen, ferocious being who has sometimes been regarded as an urban legend. He was last seen by the public competing in a testorone-injected game known as Full Contact Spoons. His signature piece of apparel is a white Nike headband he wears while bellowing out his signature catch phrase: "Bmisk! The Dragonslayer! RAAAAARRRR!". Famous for his soccer game antics accompanied by The Koehler Bear along with tremendous speed. Rumor has it he was last seen near the Mount Pleasant area.............
Sean: Hey man were u in class when Bmisk the Dragonslayer popped into class for 2 seconds and said "Bmisk! The Dragonslayer! RAAAAR!!" ?

Guy: Na man I missed it, he is one quick bastard.

Sean: This is true!
by shiftyclaybob September 11, 2009
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