Black Market Entertainment. Lil' Jon & Lil' Scrappy's record label. Members of the BME Click.
Did you catch the hot new beats BME been pittin' out?
by Lil Sam February 27, 2005
Top Definition
A huge online community of fans and practitioners of body modification. centred around the website and its community
Are you going to the bme bbq
by Dede November 12, 2003
Bodily mutilation extremnists- People who cut or stretch or do anything else to fuck up their body. This includes self-castration, amputation, skinning, genital mutilation etc.

The BME pain olympics is an example of people inflicting pain on themselves particulary on their genitals.
as in:

Larry: "Hey Bob, did you watch the BME pain olympics"
Bob: *shivers and begins to cry
Larry: "Yeah, its really gross. I couldn't wank for two weeks afterwards. It was stuck in my head."
Bob: "Why would that guy chop off his dick? or hatchet his balls?"
Larry: "No one knows. We can only hope it was fake."
by Dr. Vag November 27, 2007
An exaggerated fabrication of a real life event used to enhance an otherwise boring story.
Brad (to a good looking female): I got third row seats to the World Series from my uncle. It was a great time.

Craig: Brad, you were top row at Spring Training

Brad: Craig, shut up.

Craig: What man? I'm just pointing out the BME.
by cad281 August 29, 2009
Body Modifcation Extreme. Run by the same people that created, is a vomit-inducing site that depicts amputation of genetalia among many others horrible videos.
"Dude, did you get that link to BME I sent you?"
"It fucking made me cry"
by Zaknafein December 23, 2007
best moment ever
when jenny fell over it was like the b.m.e
by peaceoflondon August 30, 2009
Short Slang for Biggest Mistake Ever.
"she made the bme when she chose to dump the boy she loved because of her friends and family."
by lilroxy October 11, 2008
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