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Omg,me and Hanna,we're gonna be bmaaf!
by Caryss July 23, 2008
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B.M.A.A.F stands for Best Mate Always And Forever. A BMAAF is much more than a best friend , it's like in between friend and soul-mate. If you have a BMAAF you are known as luckiest person on Earth , because you have someone who is there for you , beside you , to guide you , and will possibly be your BMAAF forever. It's not like you both are married and definetley NOT in love , but it's almost as if you both have an understanding between you that no-one else would understand. It's usually girls who have BMAAF'S , but some guys do have BMAAF'S too. It also doesn't have to be girl and girl or boy and boy , some girls BMAAF'S are boys , but it's like a super-friend , not like they want to date them in that way. related links friends.

Luv ma B.M.A.A.F like a sister ,
this definition is for my BMAAF Caitlin!!! :) :P :D
Guy: why are you both even friends at all? you have got nothing in comin.

You would'nt understand and it's BMAAF'S before boyfriends. Can't except her , can't have me.

But love is more important than friends.

Not more important than a B.M.A.A.F

by Tina B ( Turnip ) August 07, 2008
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