A rare specimen of homo sapiens, found only in Minnesota (and New York soon). Valued for her amazing awesomeness and really, really, ridiculous good looks. Often found in the company of other really cool people
Crikey! Look at that blythe there mate! This un's a rare beauty, so best enjoy this while you can!
by shamu2011 March 12, 2007
(v.) to not eat for long periods of time while drinking liters of water
I feel like I gained 10 pounds today, I'll probably hardcore blythe tomorrow.
by MGS715 March 03, 2008
The state of having a desire to wear camouflauge and not a shirt.
After my 11th Busch Light last night, I suddenly felt a soothing Blythe come over me.
by The GD Senator February 01, 2008
when you do a keg stand and a girl is giving you a blowjob
Jake got a blythe from natalie o wait no he didnt! haha
by cav257 February 22, 2009
A nasty chemical spill.
Traffic is slow on the I-495 Outer Loop of the Capital Beltway Southbound due to a blythe.
by Jawillis October 01, 2009
a finger in the butt during a bj
the night was going well until that chick blythed me
by rickyd3 October 27, 2005
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